• Chiller room
  • Chiller Room

CR1512 Chiller Room(1500W x 1200D x 2200H)

Your one stop solution for chiller or freezer room

Your one stop solution for chiller or freezer room

1.5x1.2x2.2M Chiller

Features & Benefits:

* Size: 1.5x1.2x2.2M

* Standard in 2.2M height,2.4M height is available

* 100 mm Polyurethane Panel for excellent insulation and energy efficiency

* Semi embedded Heated Door,available in both right-hand hinge and left-hand hinge

* Pre-wired for door heater

* Fast assembling with cam lock system

* No panel cutting, riveting or gluing

* Complete refrigeration system:-10deg to +10deg operating temperature

* Ideal for holiday home, Batch, Lifestyle, home kill, or farmer/hunter

* Standard sizes or custom design or any requirements

Product Details
Dimensions (m):
Monobloc Model:LY050DGM/HDepth:1.5
Gross Volume:2.6 M3

Ambient Temp:10°C - 43°C

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