Correct Maintenance Method of Small electric Lift tables
 Jul 19, 2019|View:1148

With the popularity of Small electric Lift tables, I think everyone is familiar with Small electric Lift tables. The correct maintenance method of  Small electric Lift tables., any machine needs to be maintained in order to prolong its service life.

Small electric Lift tables..png

Correct Maintenance Method of  Small electric Lift tables.

1. Check the lubrication and wear of rollers, intermediate axles and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, hinges and bearings of moving arms;

2. Fill in the lubricating oil of  Small electric Lift tablesto prolong the life of bearings.

3. Check the quality and level of hydraulic oil. When the Small electric Lift tablesrises to a high position, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50mm higher than the bottom of the tank.

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