Consideration factors for mini hand pallet truck
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Let's share some issues that need attention in the process of choosing and purchasing a mini hand pallet truck.

1. Beginning with the low-altitude of mini hand pallet truck, the tray height in the national standard generally rises to 185mm, and the manufacturer of the national standard has achieved the lowest low-altitude. Generally, the height of  mini hand pallet truck is 85 mm and 75 mm when it is lowest. The fork height of  mini hand pallet truck can reach 51 mm from the ground, and some even 35 mm, which is a special requirement.

2. Second, look at the width of the fork of the mini hand pallet truck. The key judgment is to see the size of the pallet you use. Normally, the standard size of  mini hand pallet truck can be divided into two categories: one is the 680*1220 wide car; the other is the 550*1150 narrow car. The size of the pallets used to determine which type of handcart they are suitable for.

mini hand pallet truck.png

3. Hydraulic cylinder technology of the second hydraulic vehicle. At present, there are two kinds of hydraulic cylinders used in all the handcart factories, one is the integrated casting cylinder, the other is the welding cylinder. Of course, each has its own advantages. But in terms of technology, manufacturers are different, and the quality is likely to have a huge gap.

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