What happened to the water intake of the Small electric Lift tables in use?
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The water intake of small electric Lift tables can easily have a negative impact on the performance of Small electric Lift tables, affecting the normal operation and work of the hydraulic system, especially the fixed Small electric Lift tables installed outdoors. For customers in southern China, once entering the Meiyu season every year, its impact is significant, aiming at this common phenomenon. Questions.

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What happened to the water intake of the  Small electric Lift tables in use?

1. Fixed  Small electric Lift tables will cause motor burnout after water intake. At this time, the power switch should be switched off immediately and the water accumulated in the pit should be cleaned up.

2. Keep the  Small electric Lift tables as high as possible, so that the water entering the exhaust pipe can be discharged and the damage to the converter and muffler can be avoided.

3. The oil condition of each system of Small electric Lift tables should be checked, and the phenomena of foaming and turbidity should be replaced in time.

4. After testing, the manufacturer of  Small electric Lift tables reminds you that compressed air machine should be used to dry all the electrical connection parts inside the warehouse, so as to avoid the erosion caused by water backlog in the electrical connection parts.

5. If the water has entered the motor of the small electric elevator, then the motor should be dismantled and the motor should be dismantled so that the water can evaporate quickly. This is a very fast way in summer.

6. The deterioration of lubricating oil can easily occur in the process of wading, especially in the steering and transmission systems, the site should be disassembled and inspected.

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