How to determine the step size of Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder
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Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder pedal is made of steel lattice (steel lattice plate is a kind of steel product with square lattice in the middle, which is crossed by flat steel according to certain spacing and cross bar). The step surface of industrial steel is usually treated by hot-dip galvanizing and galvanizing. The step height of Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder determines the inclination of Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder. If there are many old people and children in the family, it is suggested that the height be reduced a little.

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(1) According to the installation of  Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder, it can be divided into welding fixed  Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder and bolt fixed Industrial Steel Rolling Ladder. The staircase pedal fixed by welding is steel lattice plate, and the staircase pedal fixed by bolts needs to add 65X5mm flat steel to the steel lattice plate as side plate.

(2) According to the anti-skid requirement of industrial steel ladder pedal, it can be divided into two kinds: ladder pedal with front guard plate (pattern plate or strip steel) and ladder pedal without front guard plate. Stair step size: 325/30/100 (suitable for stepped pedal width greater than 215mm and less than 305mm) T255/30/100 (suitable for stepped pedal width greater than 215mm and less than 305mm). For safety reasons, it is recommended that customers adopt stepped pedal with front guard.

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