Performance of mini hand pallet truck
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Mini hand pallet truck are small handcarts operated by electricity, most of which are operated by batteries. The basic operation functions of mini hand pallet truck are divided into horizontal handling, stacking/picking, loading/unloading and picking. Unlike internal combustion forklift trucks, mini hand pallet truck mainly use electric drive (forklift battery power supply), processing accuracy and automation are significantly improved, greatly reducing the labor intensity of operators, so the work efficiency becomes higher and accuracy has been greatly improved. In addition, the operating noise of mini hand pallet truck is very small, which has been unanimously recognized by the majority of users.

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So when we choose to buy, besides considering the appearance and performance of the mini hand pallet truck, what aspects should we choose the mini hand pallet truck?


You may often ask how much a mini hand pallet truck? In fact, the price is not only determined by the brand, model and tonnage, but also by the product configuration. So you should choose the right configuration according to your own operation requirements, and according to the price and quality. Choose a mini hand pallet truck according to the quantity.

II. Operational Requirements

The operation requirements of mini hand pallet truck include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specifications, elevation height, width of working passage, gradient and so on. At the same time, the requirements of operation efficiency (different types of vehicles have different efficiency) and operation habits (such as habitual driving or standing driving) should also be taken into account.

III. Operating Environment

When choosing the vehicle type and configuration, if there are environmental requirements such as noise or exhaust emission in the goods or warehouse environment that need to be transported, we should take into account in the selection. For example, in the cold storage, we should choose the cold storage forklift truck. In the explosion-proof environment with high requirements on the circuit, we must take into account the choice of the cold storage forklift truck. Select explosion-proof electric forklift.

IV. Working Time

When you buy, you should consider the working hours and choose your own electric forklift truck to achieve maximum efficiency.

V. Security issues

There are two main points:

(1) Loading cargo, in order to avoid damage to the loading cargo, the stability of the operation of mini hand pallet truck is required to be high. Lest you lose or lose.

(2) Operator safety problems, artificial operation is a potential safety hazard, no matter what, personal safety will always be the first, so the quality of mini hand pallet truck is absolutely not sloppy.

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