Oil Requirements for Small electric Lift tables
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With the widespread use of Small electric Lift tables, the market demand for hydraulic oil is also increasing, and many inferior products will appear. The wear and service life of Small electric Lift tables are very different with the use of high-quality and low-quality hydraulic oils. The distinction between the two is obvious. Let's get to know them together.

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High-quality hydraulic oil is colorless and odorless, as clear as pure water. Adding antiwear agent in the oil can reduce the wear of hydraulic system of electric lifting platform, especially hydraulic pump, and prolong the service life of electric lifting platform. On the contrary, because it is extracted from waste oil and hydraulic oil by simple technology, the most obvious feature of inferior hydraulic oil compared with the hydraulic oil produced by the standard manufacturers is that it is dirty in color, some are light yellow, with high viscosity, impurities, high moisture content and lack of necessary chemical additions. Agent.

Differentiation between Good and Bad Hydraulic Oil Used in Small electric Lift tables

The inferior hydraulic oil is as transparent as the good hydraulic oil at room temperature. Once used or with the change of temperature, it will appear black, white wax and solid block. In addition, the inferior hydraulic oil does not contain anti-wear agent. The inferior hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of hydraulic system components and reduce the service life of the hydraulic system of Small electric Lift tables.

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