How should the stainless steel rolling ladder be maintained?
 May 20, 2021|View:528

Stainless steel rolling ladders are frequently used in our warehouses, storerooms, and maintenance areas due to their ease of installation. But how do we maintain stainless steel rolling ladders to extend its life?

(1) always check the connection between the parts of the stainless steel staircase to prevent loosening or moth-eaten. Because when the stainless steel staircase is installed, even though the staircase engineers have tied them together, the components are undergoing subtle physical changes as the temperature and humidity change.

stainless steel rolling ladder

(2) metal, wood, or other structural elements of stainless steel staircases are usually damaged by collapse, wear, moth, or fungus, which can be repaired by a professional. But more important is the maintenance of the early, proper maintenance can to a large extent extend the service life of stainless steel stairs.

(3) wet weather, easy to let stainless steel material rust, may also make the stairs on the deformation of the wooden component, cracking, the paint will fall off. Therefore in the daily cleaning must not use the number of water scrub, can use the detergent spray on its surface, and then wipe with a soft cloth.

(4) for frequent contact with people on the pedal and armrest parts, to regularly dedicated wax or floor wax protection.

The above are several stainless steel rolling ladder maintenance measures, we hope to help.    

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