How to maintain a small electric lift?
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The small-sized electric lift can be used for overhanging operation, jumping over certain obstacles, or lifting in one place to carry out multi-point operation; the platform has a large load capacity, which can be used by two or more people working at the same time and can carry certain equipment; the lifting platform has good mobility, the transfer site is convenient, beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operations and storage. How should we maintain our small electric lift?


1. Drain the hydraulic fluid, tighten the joint, remove the oil filter, wash it, clean it with Compressed air, then return it to the tank and connect the lines.

2. Remove and disconnect the elevator drop valve, blow the plunger with the Compressed air, then install and reinstall.

3. Check all hydraulic lines and connections. Pipes must not be damaged, joints must not be loose, all joints must be tightened.

4. Oil quality and level of hydraulic oil. Lift the whole way up, in this position, the hydraulic ground should be higher than the bottom of 40 ~ 50 mm. If the hydraulic oil is dark, sticky, or has gravel and other foreign matter, should be replaced in time.

5. Each part all adds some lubricating oil, the extension elevator bearing service life. Check the hydraulic lift roller, intermediate shaft and bearings, cylinder pin shaft and bearings, arm hinge shaft and bearings, and other wear and tear.

6. Any part of the hydraulic system, must first relieve pressure, so as not to pressure oil injection, the lift bench suddenly slipped.

7. Do not arbitrarily adjust the overflow valve. Every component in the hydraulic lift system works under the designated pressure. Any adjustment of the relief valve may result in abnormal operation of the hydraulic system.

8. Lift working platform below the inspection, must be hanging, supporting the lift working platform, in case of sudden lift down.

9. Non-professional staff shall not disassemble and assemble electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or wrong connection.    

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