There are nine ways to divide compact pallet truck
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There are nine ways to divide compact pallet truckThere are many kinds of compact pallet truck. Today we mainly divide them into nine kinds, and describe the characteristics of each kind of truck:

1, Fast lifting advanced hydraulic compact pallet truck

In addition to all the performance of the standard car, the fast lift advanced hydraulic compact pallet truck also has the following features.

Unique double-layer seal design, reliable and durable. The quick lift allows the two forks to touch the bottom of the pallet, saving half the time compared to the standard model. The ergonomic design of the plastic handle, comfortable and labor-saving and unique overall stamping beetle-shaped forks, not only the strength is 25% higher than the common forks, but also more beautiful appearance.

2, Standard hydraulic compact pallet truck

The standard hydraulic compact pallet truck is often made of high-quality steel plate, no breakpoint welding, reliable strength. Integral spindle oil cylinder, oil cylinder drop speed is not affected by a heavy load, using an imported sealing ring, piston rod chrome plating. Internal relief valve provides overload protection and reduces maintenance costs. Rotating shaft connection adopts high-quality triaxial roller bearings, flexible and non-jitter integral casting wheel frame, and equipped with front and rear guide wheels to protect the mounting wheel from collision and extend the life of the wheel. Conical arc fork design, fast and convenient. The moving part of the tray is equipped with a wear-resistant guide ring, which can absorb the partial load and prolong the service life. The handle fork is equipped with a rubber pad, which greatly prolongs the service life.

3, low-level hydraulic compact pallet truck.

The local hydraulic compact pallet truck is suitable for low pallet, narrow space in the workplace.4, galvanized hydraulic compact pallet truck

compact pallet truck

4,Galvanized hydraulic compact pallet truck cylinder adopts leakproof design, frame, handle, cylinder, and other screws in the external parts are all galvanized, equipped with stainless steel bearings, wear nylon wheel, corrosion resistance is strong.

5, stainless steel hydraulic compact pallet truck

Stainless steel hydraulic compact pallet truck in addition to wheels, seals all parts of the accident are made of stainless steel materials, suitable for cold storage and cleanliness requirements are relatively high occasions, such as meat processing, dairy processing, video processing industry.

6. Paper tube cargo carrier

The straight cylinder cargo carrier is suitable for papermaking, packaging and printing, prevention, and other industries that need to carry cylindrical goods.

7, 5T heavy duty hydraulic compact pallet truck

5T heavy duty manual hydraulic handling truck with 8mm high-quality steel plate carefully made, high-quality heavy duty cylinder and steel wheels, reliable and durable. It is suitable for situations where forklift trucks are not available or cannot be accessed.

8, electronic scale heavy hydraulic compact pallet truck

This kind of car uses the latest design instrument, the accuracy reaches 0.1%, the minimum scale 1kg. With gross weight, peeling, accumulative function, sealing requirements in line with IP65 standard, easy to wash. The meter has low voltage, short of paper, low-temperature alarm function.

9, simple type moving carAccording to the survey, 50% of the actual use of the European truckload is less than 600kg. Therefore, the prospect of the proposed truck is broad. They are collapsible, light, flexible, and cheap.

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