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Trailer Stabilizing Jack TJ50

Detailed Product Description

Trailer stabilizing jack helps to prevent semi-trailers from up-ending when not connected to tractors.

It can also be used to level trailers parked on slopes, and can help to prevent landing gear from sinking into soft surfaces.

It features high-strength steel construction, with flush-type zerk fitting for relubricating Acme screw.

It also features a reflective, night-visible yellow collar. Static load cap.: 100,000 lb.

1. Static load cap.: 100,000 lb.
2. Lifting Capacity:40,000 lb.
3. Ratchet Height Adjustment Method
4. Reflective,night-visible yellow collar
5. Wheel : Solid Rubber
6. Main material : Steel

Service Range           (in.)39½-5139-5139-5145-5745-57
Static Capacity   (ibs/tonne)100000/45100000/4510000/4580000/36100000/45
Lifting Capacity  (ibs/tonne)40000/1840000/1850000/22.740000/1840000/18
Cap Size8"diameter7.5"diameter8"diameter8"diameter8"diameter
Base Plate14"diameter16"triangular16"triangular16"triangular16"triangular
Wheel Dia.10"semi-pneumatic10"solid rubber10"solid rubber10"solid rubber10"solid rubber 
Net Weight           (ibs/kg)125/57110/50125/57115/52130/59


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