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  • Desk And Cabinet Corner Mover Dolly

    Desk And Cabinet Corner Mover Dolly

    Low level corner bogies essentially used to move awkward rectangular loads; Robust, versatile construction offering mobility in locations where other equipment cannot be used. Easy to position-lift one side of load by a transport jack and slide in corners,then repeat for other side; Load platform covered with ribbed rubber for load protection.

  • Professional Hand Truck

    Professional Hand Truck

    Handy tubular steel trucks with steel sheet blades, Sturdy welded construction,powered coated,safety grips

  • Adjustable Work Positioners HL-XL series

    Adjustable Work Positioners   HL-XL series

  • Hydraulic Work Positioner HL-XH15

    Hydraulic Work Positioner   HL-XH15

    Reduces ergonomic strain-positions your work at the precise height and angle you select. Table height 720-1070mm great for dies, mould, parts bin, etc. Lightweight, mobile, all-steel construction.

  • Work Positioners HL-M/E series

    Work Positioners  HL-M/E series

    Stronger motor, Larger battery 12Ah, Low voltage protection. A range of highly manoeuvrable, lightweight lifts, designed to take the strain out of any lifting job from ground level to over shoulder height.

  • Platform Stacker HL-PS series

    Platform Stacker   HL-PS series

    Simple and Easy Operation. Lifting moverment via collapsible foot pedal. Sensitive lowering through sinking valve. Hard push drive.

  • Fixed Fork Type Stacker HL-PF

    Fixed Fork Type Stacker   HL-PF

    Low profile forks can lift pallet easily. Ladder as option. Noise-free castor as option ;Platform as option

  • MINI Hand Pallet Truck (HL-HP series)

    MINI Hand Pallet Truck (HL-HP series)

    As hand pallet truck factory,Mini hand pallet truck product features are greatest strength and durability.If you need ,please contact mini hand pallet truck factory.