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  • Machinery Roller Crowbar

    Machinery Roller Crowbar

    The Roller crowbar is a great tool when trying to lift heavy items off the ground to make some clearance or you need to move a heavy item over a few millimeters this is the perfect tool. It is a lever bar made from strong steel tube on 2 smooth running steel rollers.Durable powder coat finish Great for safe switchboard boxes, industrial machines etc.

  • Machinery Skates Adjustable Type

    Machinery Skates  Adjustable Type

    This Adjustable Machinery Skate is designed to move heavy equipment and machinery. Nylon wheels are strong and will not mark floors. The top of each skate includes a rubber surface for extra grip. Steel construction with handle to carry and position. Includes two skates connected with two steel rods to form one larger skate. Two steel rods allow for adjustable overall skate width. Designed primarily for moving in straight lines.

  • Machinery Skates Steerable Type

    Machinery Skates Steerable Type

    Machinery skates are designed for transporting industrial machinery and other heavy equipment. Nylon wheels are strong and will not mark floors. Skates have a rubber pad, and easily help guide the machinery over firm and level surfaces. Steel construction with handle to carry and position.Each dolly includes a swivel top plate and a pulling bar to allow for easy maneuvering around turns and corners. 7. Wheel : Nylon(ST30,ST60),Steel(ST120);

  • Complete Machinery Skate Kits

    Complete Machinery Skate Kits

    Complete Machinery Skate Kits are useful for variable short transportation distances. They are ideal for installation works and the movement of heavy loads. The steering handle helps to give better control and therefore makes it easier to maneuver large machinery into tight areas. It is recommended that moving speed should not exceed 5m/min. Minimum turning circle is 3m This roller kit Including 4 pcs roller skates, 2 pcs turnables, 2 pcs packing plates, 2 pcs steering handles, 2pcs link-up bars and1pc pulling bar

  • Machinery Skate Kits Steerable

    Machinery Skate Kits Steerable

    Professional grade three-point moving system is designed for moving heavy loads over smooth, painted, finished or sealed floors. Easy to assemble without tools, each kit includes one front steering unit and two rear units. Front mover has a swivel top and a steer handle. Rear movers are adjustable in width for larger loads. Additional movers can be added to further stabilize larger, bulkier cargo. Anti-slip pads on contact points provide high load friction for safe transporting. Reinforced nylon roller material offers superior durability, is floor protective and offers low rolling resistance. Durable powder coat finish resists corrosion.

  • Platform Trolley HL-TH series

    Platform Trolley  HL-TH series

    Built for long service-idea for office,school,factory,warehouse and in-store use Bitmap Bitmap ;Anti-slip covered platform

  • Platform Trolley HL-TD series

    Platform Trolley  HL-TD series

    Heavy duty design for industrial applications;No marking rubber wheel and castors

  • Low profile drum caddy HL-DC500

    Low profile drum caddy HL-DC500

    Low profile drum caddy