Maintenance of mini hand pallet truck
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In order to keep the mini hand pallet truck in good working condition, the maintenance of the mini hand pallet truck is necessary. The maintenance of the mini hand pallet truck can be divided into two types: maintenance according to requirements and regular maintenance.

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Before the maintenance of mini hand pallet truck, first, mini hand pallet truck need to be placed in a flat place, and the fork should be placed down, so that the front of the fork can not be raised to avoid injury; second, the fork truck stalls and pulls out the key; third, the hand brake.

Maintenance as required depends on the situation, such as cleaning small handcarts, repairing or replacing old or damaged parts, etc.

The cleaning frequency of mini hand pallet truck is determined by the operating environment of forklift trucks. If the mini hand pallet truck is exposed to irritating substances, such as fertilizers, chemicals, etc., it must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. High-pressure air, cold water and detergent should be used when cleaning. You can use wet cloth to clean the car body. The faucet should not be directed directly at the small handcart, and gasoline products or solutions should not be used for cleaning. These substances may damage electronic or plastic parts.

Maintaining the stability of mini hand pallet truck is necessary for safe operation of mini hand pallet truck. Two tires on the same axle must be replaced with the same manufacturer's tires of the same type at the same time. In addition, when other tires are being replaced, one thing should be placed under the wheel that stays on the ground to prevent the mini hand pallet truck from slipping. When replacing a pneumatic tire, the air should be released before removing the tire that needs to be replaced.

Regular maintenance work can be carried out by company technicians, and some must be operated by professional staff of after-sales service department of hand pallet truck factory. Every time after a certain working time, it should be maintained accordingly.

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