• MINI Hand Pallet Truck (HL-HP series)

MINI Hand Pallet Truck (HL-HP series)

As hand pallet truck factory,Mini hand pallet truck product features are greatest strength and durability.If you need ,please contact mini hand pallet truck factory.

mini hand pallet truck Product Information

A built of mini hand pallet truck in overload valve and tally sealed hydraulic pump.

German seal kit ofers long span life of pump for 3 years warranty.

Mini hand pallet truck Heavy duty and reinforced forks for greatest strength and durability.

Mini hand pallet truck Entry rollers prevent physical exertion of the operator and protect

Mini hand pallet truck load rollers and pallet

Maintenance free oiless bushings at key points offer you less

operating force and longer span life of pallet truck

Mini hand pallet truck Conforms to EN1757-2.

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