Notes for Small electric Lift tables
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With the rapid development of science and technology, Small electric Lift tables has become a very common mechanical equipment in our life, but found that many friends did not use the right method when using it. Then let's make up a small number of Small electric Lift tables to introduce you the correct use of methods.

1. Before opening the door of the elevator hall to enter the car, it is necessary to confirm whether the car is parked on this floor.

2. Operators shall not leave their posts without authorization during working hours.

3. Operators shall be responsible for supervising that the load of the lifting platform does not exceed the rated weight.

4. It is strictly forbidden to wipe, lubricate or repair machine parts in the machine room when Small electric Lift tables are working.

5. Safety managers should be notified immediately when a Small electric Lift tables fails or fails to work properly. If dangerous or possibly causing personal or mechanical accidents are found, the general power supply of the small electric elevator should be cut off immediately, and reported to the branch plant for repair and detailed inspection before it can be used.

6. Except for the fixed equipment belonging to the Small electric Lift tables, no other objects are allowed to be stored on the roof of the hanging box, and no one is allowed to enter except the maintenance personnel.

7. Carried goods should be placed as safely as possible in the middle of the car to avoid dumping in operation.

8. When the elevator is used up, the elevator car should stop at the base level.

9. When the elevator is overhauled, a warning sign "the elevator is overhauled and stopped running" should be put on the hall door.

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