Introduction of 6 - step rolling ladder
 Jun 17, 2021|View:3068

The 6-step rolling ladder, hardware climbing ladder, anti-skateboard climbing ladder (car): using high strength square pipe, Angle iron, steel pipe as the frame, anti-skid pattern steel plate as the steps made from. The 6-step rolling ladder made of high quality steel, pickling, rust removal, phosphating treatment, electrostatic powder spraying, paint baking process. With high quality casters: two fixed wheels, two movable brake wheels, not only can move flexibly, but also can be safely fixed. The movable stair pedals and platforms are covered with patterned steel lattices to reduce the risk of slipping during manual access operations. 

The 6-step rolling ladder

Climbing platform commonly used materials stainless steel material: welded by stainless steel, guardrail can be disassembly type, platform can overall load-bearing 300kg climbing shelf material aluminum alloy material: by the strength of aluminum alloy main frame and stainless steel armrest welded, beautiful and easy, platform can overall load-bearing 200kg climbing ladder is widely used in: Dock, port, airport, station, workshop, property, cleaning, substation, substation, building, fire protection, communication, hotel, theater, mechanical and electrical installation, ship supporting, climbing operation, supermarket warehouse, shopping mall. The 6-step rolling ladder is a kind of load-bearing tool which can be used as the material handling and turnover, and can also be used as the auxiliary working tools for the lifting of goods. It is especially suitable for the manual picking of light and small materials in the environment of factories and warehouses. The ladder is stable in structure, convenient in movement and safe in use, which can greatly improve work efficiency and expand operating space. It is a necessary facility for climbing in many places such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls and supermarkets.

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